Featured Supplier

Every month or so we feature one of our valued suppliers so as to better inform our customers of the unique cheeses that each of our partner’s offer. It is through our vendor relationships that we continue to bring you the best quality cheese and specialty foods from around the US and the world.

The Rogue Creamery






Frisian Farms (Iowa) - Mature Farmstead Small Batch Gouda


Frisian Farmstead Gouda is a washed-rind cow’s milk farmstead cheese that is nutty and sweet with a hint of fruitiness.  As it matures, Frisian Farmstead Gouda develops mellow notes of butterscotch and honey, turns a deep amber color and the texture becomes firm The firm texture has added density and a satisfying compact mouth-feel.  This farmstead cheese is complex but retains a rustic essence that makes it appealing to both cheese connoisseurs and those just starting to explore fine cheeses.


The Bandstra brothers understand that great cheese begins with high quality milk. Their years of on-farm experience combined with their formal agricultural education backgrounds have been critical to their ability to produce an outstanding farmstead cheese that is complex while retaining its rustic essence.  They milk a small number of Holstein cows that are grass fed throughout the spring and summer and are maintained in a clean and comfortable freestall barn during the winter months. The fresh milk is immediately piped from the parlor to an adjacent cheesehouse where they use traditional Dutch cheese-making techniques to produce their Frisian Farmstead Gouda.   



Jason Bandstra started Frisian Farms with 10 one-week old Holstein calves and slowly grew the herd over 6 years to its current size of 80 Holstein milking cows. In addition to Frisian Farms, Jason owns and operates a grain farm which supplies much of the feed for Frisian Farms. This allows Frisian Farms to control the quality of the milk at the outset by controlling the quality of the feed that is fed to Frisian Farms’ cows.

Prior to joining Frisian Farms, Mike Bandstra spent several years managing an organic dairy for Horizon Organic Dairy in Maryland. During his time with Horizon, Mike came to appreciate the importance of herd health without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. Mike manages milk production and herd health for the 80 Holsteins from which they produce their Frisian Farmstead Gouda.